Kerry Patel


Hi there, I'm Kerry, owner and designer at Kerry Patel Designs. I'm a lucky mom and a wife, and a lover of flowers.

I'm an East Coast Girl. Born in New York; graduated from Elon College; spent enough years working in Chapel Hill to make me a Tar Heels fan; a short stint in Atlanta ("bless her heart"); then more of the corporate gig for many years in NYC, when finally, the inevitable move to the 'burbs and the great state of New Jersey. 

I love each season of the year equally, and my designs reflect that. Inspiration comes from my surroundings, my life, and my heart. 

I adore flowers, and I have for as long as I can remember. Both sets of grandparents loved to garden. Grandma Vera stole away a couple of rows in Grandpa Frank's vegetable garden and grew flowers - so of course, I had to pick them!

Remember the Maxwell House coffee tins? I'd use them as my containers.

As a little girl, I'd set up a little table along the road in front of my grandparents house and sell my flower arrangements - because who wouldn't want to buy a coffee tin filled with pretty, colorful zinnias from a six year-old? 

Still, today, creating beauty with flowers in my home studio makes me truly happy. I get so immersed in a design and let the flowers speak to me. Nature provides such unique textured elements and gorgeous, lush blooms, that  it's hard not to. It's my passion. When you feel passionate about something - when it makes your heart sing - you let it tell your story.

I take care to weave nature, life, and love into each of my floral designs. That, and a bit of wild whimsy for good measure.

As a bride, you are trusting me to tell your story, fusing your personality with my style through a one of a kind bouquet, one that is reflective of YOU for your wedding day. I’d be honored to express your story through beautiful flowers, and help you make your wedding day exclusively yours.  

Perhaps you're a client needing a custom floral arrangement for an event - let's sit down together so we can talk aesthetic and design.

If I wasn't designing with flowers? That's an easy one. I'd be designing interiors, installing grasscloth in every room, shopping for modern, yet classic pieces of furniture, and putting the coolest, edgiest tile you've ever seen in your bathroom. Really cool. Promise. 

I don't drink coffee, but I'll meet you for a consultation in a coffee shop any day.

So let's get started.