Whimsical in the Western New Jersey Mountains

Fascinating Fact: Redheads make up less than 2% of the world's population. Both parents must be carriers of the MC1R gene in order to produce redhead offspring, of which there is only a 25% chance that it will actually happen if they don't have red hair themselves. Did you get all that? What are the odds then that three redheads would be a part of one red-obsessed photo shoot? Luckily for me, they were very good! 

Cassie and her husband, Chris, our models, are a stunning couple in every way, and this whimsical holiday photo shoot, directed and shot by the talented Jessica Olivero, exemplified that beautifully. Between Jessica and Ronya Dones of Ronya & Co., the two obtained and styled a whimsical, woodsy, yet elegant styled shoot that encapsulated both the plains and the forest. Pops of romantic red were everywhere, and I was thrilled at the challenge of designing the florals that fit the theme. Cassie looked the part of a princess, with her gorgeous red hair and stunning wedding gown by Vesa Brides. The cakes were designed and created by Flour Bomb and fit the theme seamlessly. 

And the best for last: a red and a green smoke bomb that will have you mouthing the word WOW. Trust me, I said it too.


Photography @im_jessica_oh

Cinematography @tonemedia

Event Design & Styling @ronyaandco

Coordination Assitant @LavishLifestyleMgmt

Cake @Flourbomb_

Florals @kp_designsfloral

Makeup @Sarahaytonmua

Couple @cassiclaire

Farm Table Rental @Beyondthebarnrentals

Hair @Jessefox21

Bride's Dress @VesaBrides

Dinnerware @pier1

Stationery & Place Setting Decor @shopparcel

Dress Designer  @Callablanchedress

Groom's Attire @zara

Source: http://www.kerrypateldesigns.com/portfolio...